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    We’ll send you updates on this idea

    Declined  ·  Benjamin Niaulin responded

    Thanks for taking the time to post this idea. We looked at it with the team and for now have decided that it’s not something we will be working on short term.

    We’ll keep looking at the requests and update if we anything changes

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    There is a awful lot of good reasons in this thread alone. I ask you reevaluate the priority on this as it is something that would make your end users happy. Personally I don't care if you change the look and feel of the product every few months, or add some fluffy automatic export. I'd much rather use the tool to get my content from On-Prem to the cloud as effectively as I can. and getting throttled, or having to Reboot a server, or make a change in my source or destination but needing to stop a entire migration to do this is a HUGE waste of my time. if time was a unlimited thing we had available to us, your company would be of no use as there would be no pressure to Migrate quickly to the cloud.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Pause Button would be great.

    I am presently throttled ( yay ) so my migration of 28000 items and their versions to 0365 has taken 40 hours and 50 minutes and counting... I don't want to stop the migration and wait 24 hours and then do an incremential as I have seen some issues with your product and changing Metadata data when you do an incremental over a copy and replace. ( I believe you are aware and have corrected the issue with a patch, I am up to date but you know how it is... take away 40 hours of my work week, then not do your job properly and I am less inclined to trust you fully again... )

    Anyway a Pause would be nice so I can pause my migration where it is and resume it when I am not throttled any longer.

    K thanks.

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