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    Since the default is now disabled. It should prevent most situation some of you are describing.

    We still feel like the Auto-Assign as site collection administrator is a useful option in certain case.

    If you encounter an issue you can always refer to this documentation to fix it. https://support-desktop.sharegate.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000647528-Can-I-remove-myself-as-an-administrator-after-I-have-auto-assigned-myself-as-one-

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    EJ commented  · 

    When following the steps to run a report of all OneDrive sites (per https://support-desktop.sharegate.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000647528-Can-I-remove-myself-as-an-administrator-after-I-have-auto-assigned-myself-as-one), one of the filters is Administrators [contains/does not contain].

    When attempting to enter a filter for "Administrators [contains] user-goes-here", we are unable to resolve a user and even after several hours the dropdown continues to show "[spinning icon] Showing 0 results."

    When entering any type of user login (aaaa@aaaa.com, i:0#.f|membership|user@domain.com, or even a general string value like "admin"), it still spins and says "Showing 0 results." without ever returning any names.

    When selecting names in the following "Remove from Site Collection Administrators" process - there is no issue with returning names. Just when using the Administrators filter on the prior step to generate the report.

    Can this be looked at as a bug?

    We have tens of thousands of OneDrive sites and trying to pull a FULL report and then remove Site Collection Admins from that report can take days between generating the report and then processing through it.

    If there's a Powershell script that you support to do the same thing, please let us know.

    Also - our team seconds the idea of a sub-setting to Auto-Assign as SC Admin, with the ability to ONLY set that for SP sites/Group or Team Sites/OneDrive/etc.

    It's useful - just terrifying if mis-applied. A better description, perhaps with a link to this thread or the remediation steps would be helpful to know what we're getting into before toggling that setting.

    EJ supported this idea  · 

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